Connect is an international internet service company that provides high-speed internet and data communication services using the latest technology.

As a licensed Internet Service Provider, Connect provides full coverage of Monrovia city through LTE fixed wireless technology or Fiber optics, satisfying an ever-increasing demand for high capacity internet services and multi-branch connections.

Using state of an art data center and edge network, Connect ensures fast, reliable, and stable wireless connectivity with a fully dedicated capacity and built-in redundancy.

Connect customizes solutions for consumers, enterprises, small businesses, and NGOs with an unparalleled commitment to competitive prices as well as prompt customer response.

Connect, in collaboration with its Teleport partners, delivers various VSAT services such as preparing and deploying turn-key projects, providing Internet connectivity for consumers and corporate in Monrovia and various rural areas in Liberia, supplying Multi-branching connectivity as well as O&M of Hubs, and remote terminals.

Connect is a part of MADA Group

For the past 2 decades, Mada has maintained a leadership position in the telecom sector by introducing technologically disruptive services. With a global footprint, Mada remains committed to providing customers with quality products and innovations to meet/ exceed their business needs for decades to come!

Mada is present in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia with a team of over 400 employees.